Sneaky spree!!

I took The Veiled Laugh Ninja out to hot chocolate heaven for her birthday at a local chocolate cafĂ© and she took the opportunity to surprise 4 victims of super sneaky kindness. 


Are we doing it MEOW?
Random Origami Birds
Extra tips for great smiling service
The Veiled Laugh Ninja… as sneaky as ever
The possibilities are endless of where this card ends up….


Ninja selfies

I found Halloween was the perfect day to take ninja selfies with strangers. (And to get some awesome pics for my website… Sneaky…)

People were surprised and loved the idea. One guy actually came up to me and asked if they could take a selfie with me cause they saw me doing it earlier… And had always wanted to be a Ninja.

This was also The Veiled Laugh Ninja’s first challenge and she rocked it!