About NinjaSmiles

My name is Pamela (aka NinjaSmiles).

This website/game is all about getting out of my comfort zone and making the world a better place. I am going to be enlisting so many more ninjas in montreal to help me spread mischief. We are sneaky little do-gooders.

I love this game because it makes me interact with people directly. In this new millennia the population is addicted to technology and communicating but not really experiencing life. Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, …. and the many other distractions are great for keeping tabs on each other, but we NEED to get together, have a coffee, skip rope, go for a run, have a snowball fight, hug, etc. NOTHING beats REAL people in the REAL world. When my time is over, no one will care what I tweeted, how many likes I got on my pic on Facebook, how many places I showed off through Instagram… People will remember my smile, my laugh and the experiences we lived together.

(YES, When I think of this adventure there is a constant loop of the song “Inner Ninja” going through my head!!! It’s VIRAL!! Good thing I LOVE the song )

Full Disclosure: I’m receiving no monetary or other compensation from Gamewright. I’m doing this just for fun!

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