Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

As I was starting this website and searching through the World Wide Web, I found an amazing community of people who believe that random acts of kindness should be celebrated. They have resources for individuals but also for school programs. Kindness is a ‘skill’ (for lack of a better word) that should be impressed upon children of all ages. Unfortunately in the world today I see people being more and more self-centered and in their own little world. This can be seen through the constant use of cell phones and technology where we immerse ourselves so that we don’t have to see what is happening around us and where we communicate without really communicating.

Opening our eyes and noticing the world around us. Giving of ones time and heart. Being wholehearted and daring greatly. This is what I and many others are trying to do.

I have signed up to become a RAKtivist.

An extraordinary class of kind do-er’s. Truly believing that kindness can change the world and exemplify that in everyday life.

Who wants to join me?


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