Lunches for smiles

Christmas is coming and I am lucky to lead the charmed life that I do. Great supporting friends and family, a good job, roof over my head and good health. Many of the things that we sometimes take for granted. I wanted to do a little something to give to people who aren’t as fortunate. I put a shout out to my friends that if they donated a pair of winter socks then I would make a lunch to go with them. Enourmous Thank Yous go to Sana, Marie-Eve, Tracey, Manon, Mia, Felicity, Karis, Julie and Irene for their generous donations. Extra big thank you to Carole for baking 50 little packages of homemade cookies, which I find is one of the biggest treats.

Mia and I went to the streets of Montreal with giant smiles and lunches in tow. We met some great people who were really grateful for a nice meal. This warmed our hearts and we are planning to do it again during the winter.  


One thought on “Lunches for smiles

  1. Manon Thibodeau December 6, 2015 / 9:14 PM

    Great job, Pam! You have such à good heart, my friend !


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