The Shoebox Project


My friend Julie told me about The Shoebox Project (which is this amazing organization) last week and since Christmas and the need for volunteers is coming up, I had to get my butt in gear.

Each shoebox is filled with items valued at $50 that a woman would enjoy, but would not splurge on for herself in difficult times. These shoeboxes brighten the holiday season and let the women know they are special and not forgotten. Putting together a shoebox is easy and this small gesture of kindness is very much appreciated by its récipients.

You never know what someone is going through and why they have ended up where they are today. Women give soooo much to others and their children, this is a nice way to make them feel loved and special.

You have 3 ways you have help:

  1.  by making your own shoebox.   My friend Julie and her daughter Kate made it an event by going shopping together for all of the items. Teaching her daughter that we have to give back because there are people in this world who are not as fortunate as we are. They made it personal and included a little note. Seeing this makes my heart grow 3 sizes.

2. By donating on the website …. DONATE HERE

3.  By giving of your time to assemble, check and deliver boxes with all the donated items from large corporations to make these women’s Christmas special. This is the option I chose. I met Debbi and Miranda who are some of incredible women who make it all possible in the Montréal area.


SneakyNinjaSmiles was also lurking…

I had a great time with these amazing selfless women and will definitely be volunteering again next year!

(you wanna join me??? NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK)



Sneaky spree!!

I took The Veiled Laugh Ninja out to hot chocolate heaven for her birthday at a local chocolate café and she took the opportunity to surprise 4 victims of super sneaky kindness. 


Are we doing it MEOW?
Random Origami Birds
Extra tips for great smiling service
The Veiled Laugh Ninja… as sneaky as ever
The possibilities are endless of where this card ends up….

Crafty RAKtivist

Went to Michaels today to check out the super sale before Christmas sale… Craft heaven! When I went to the cash for checkout I saw a 50% coupon hiding in the impulse buy rack, I smiled but left it there because I had one in my Michaels app. Later while I was putting my purchases in my bag, the next client was at the register and she was trying to use her 30% coupons she had cut out but they had expired. She was disappointed because she didn’t realize this. 💡lightbulb moment💡  I pointed out the coupon I had noticed earlier.  Loved the giant 😃 that appeared on her face. ❤️