Meet The Veiled Laugh Ninja

I am recruiting audacious Ninjas that want to bring smiles to the world…  We will work together, have fun, be sneaky… So watch out here we come! 

The Veiled Laugh Ninja will be a special contributor to the blog.

Big Tipper!!!

I went for a nice dinner at St-Hubert BBQ tonight with one of my friends. (Oh how I ❤️ St-Hubert.)  I planned to use my generous tip card… And oh my it turned out funnier than I thought. I paid the bill by credit card and then left a $19 tip with the change from my change jar. When he casually went to pick up the thing they out the bill in, all the change fell out… Lol! I even had to search on the floor for some of it. He took it and went away. Before we reached the door he to me with a HUGE smile 😀 and to say thank you… You’re welcome from the bottom of my ninja heart. 

Hope he tags the card and writes me his side of the experience… And then pays it forward.


Have you found your inner ninja???