Tag… You’re it!


Step 1 : TRACK THE CARD on Sneakycards.com

Step 2: Please SHARE your experience.


Who is the random girl who slipped or gave you a Sneaky Card? Want to be part of an ultimate adventure by trying to change the world one sneaky smile at a time? Sneaky Cards is an amazing concept (and my favourite card game) where people go around the world spreading joy through random acts of kindness, making art through purpose, engaging with strangers, enriching our minds and testing your audacity. I will track where in the city, province, country — or world! — my completed cards end up. Please take the time to log them into the official Sneaky Cards website.

I am also a RAKtivist (Random Acts of Kindness Activist).


 I have found my “Inner Ninja”, what about you?


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